Why I'm Running

I'm LaVaughn McCutchen and i am running for 32nd district state representative for Dover Delaware.

I feel I am qualified for the office that I am running for because I feel have the knowledge of what the people want/need,reason being is because I am the people.

My three main things I plan to work on diligently for are as follows.

1)Funding for the education system so the schools can have the provided resource and help for all kids to be successful as well as pay staff a deserving pay rate.

2)Affordable housing for all

3)Finding shelter for the homeless.

It is time for the younger generation to take over with a fresh mindset and fresh ideas. The time is now to pass the torch. A brief run down about myself is as follows...I have been active in the community for many years,I have done things ranging from setting up events at local barbershops for youth to get there hair cut,providing hot meals to the homeless and shelters:along with personal items. I've also partnered with and still do with a number of non profit organizations giving back by way off food drives,clothes drives providing and pointing people in the right direction of resources. I also believe we all deserve and equal and fair opportunity weather its school,work or out in the community. If elected to said seat im running for I promise I will fight for just that for this great city. I believe there is a place for everyone here and I plan on doing my part to help us all get there. Help me make a better tomorrow for us!

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